Dominant Legs, “Clawing Out at the Walls” and “Just Silly Ones” MP3

October 26, 2009

"Clawing Out at the Walls," which begins with, and whose duration is kept steady by small and sharp hand drums, is instrumentally crisp, high guitar and bouncy bass, overlaid with flute-like keys that act as as a time keeper. But for most of the track, Dominant Legs' Ryan Lynch has a vaporous voice, as if he was subsumed enough making such a meticulous song that finally singing over it might be too tidy. But then, as if something has finally jarred him, he sits up straight and projects loud, repeating that he's "calling and calling," amidst a quick grouping of unintelligible lines. "Just Silly Ones," a more distinctly rocking song, keeps the guitar in the upper register, and moves the focus from the instrumentation and into the vocals, where Lynch is occasionally met by Hannah Hunt doubling him. We're just silly ones/ And what's become of us lately? he asks, concerned for himself. Halfway through, the nerves move over to a guitar that shivers like wind chimes. We wrote lovingly about two of Dominant Legs' other tracks a bit ago, if you missed them, make sure to check them out, and see the Legs open for Girls soon, too.

Download: Dominant Legs, "Clawing Out at the Walls"

Download: Dominant Legs, "Just Silly Ones"

Dominant Legs, “Clawing Out at the Walls” and “Just Silly Ones” MP3