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Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance Dublab Mix

One of the highlights of our blogging careers ( :( ) was when we realized that Gang Gang Dance sampled the Pack. OMG dudes. Except no one cares but Noz. The reason this was so sweet was not because two different kinds of music came together to make a new kind of music (though once when we heard that 50 Cent/Nine Inch Nails mashup at a club in Long Island it was kind of the bomb), but because it was a mess—"Vans Song" slowed to syrup and disappearing into the fire like Al Pacino in that movie where he plays the devil. We've been using the word "melting" as a descriptor too much lately but we're gonna use it again. Think about those scenes of colored sand set squiggly atop of each other like layers of oil, except bled at the edges, bits of blue and tan in the mini-beach in a jar. What good is a border? Brian Degraw, Gang Gang beatsmith, made a mix for Dublab that is that. Or maybe it's something else, maybe it's ToeJam and Earl on weed. Who cares it's fucking sweet. He puts us onto this dude, hellooooo awesomeeee. On something else, Degraw said: "When the promoter starts throwing you moody looks because you’re playing too much techno in his impossibly stagnant Rock n Roll club - Stick this on and watch him meltdown. This is the dancefloor Tetris equivalent of getting a ’storky’ and clearing the board with a Tetrad." Dude that works too but we're just gonna be playing it at home crying for a bunch of complicated reasons we don't even understand, hope that's cool.

Download: Brian Degraw Dublab mix

Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance Dublab Mix