Bradford Cox Hates Us

We love Bradford Cox. As the FADER staff looks back at the music of their collective early 20s to mid 30s, the music he’s made with Deerhunter and solo, as Atlas Sound, will inevitably stick out as a glaring touchstone. He is Bo Jackson if Bo Jackson also was Carl Lewis and Michael Jordan, plus Rahm Emanuel and Quincy Jones. He is a diversely eloquent prolific wizard from Georgia, writing soft pop of infinite angles all day and night. So we were happy to be able to sit with Cox for a bit during CMJ, bring him to Room 501 at Ace Hotel New York. Unfortunately, we did not vibe. We are not bros, he does not like us. You had a nice shirt and a good handshake and, god, how many times we’ve listened to Microcastle! Forgive us, Bradford!

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  1. doorknobs says:

    Wowwwwwwww, absolutely classic. Don’t sweat Schnipper, tough gig.

  2. Chris says:

    Nice. Fader plus Ace Hotel equals a sucky culture for sure. Looking forward to your scaled down SXSW as well. Maybe you can have more cool bands around less innovative corporate activations at least. Its definitely hard talking to somebody with their head jammed far up their own ass, preparing for his interview by listening to ipod jamz and googling random shit.

  3. Jheri Evans says:

    Wow, that was the most painfully awkward interview I’ve ever watched.

  4. sooeypooey says:

    omg poor schnipper

  5. Karll says:

    How the fuck to people stomach this pretentious ‘hipper than thou’ douchebag.
    not to mention his music fucking blows people

  6. chris. “Maybe you can have more cool bands around less innovative corporate activations at least.”

    you typed that.

    you also typed “sucky culture”

  7. Aaron says:

    What do you think about Afghanistan? Seriously? Poor Schnipper? Maybe if he had actually had questions to ask him the interview would have actually been an interview. Way to prepare. Keep this up and maybe you’ll get a show next to Carson Daly and Jimmy Fallon.

  8. felipe says:

    bradford cocks sounds like a lil whiny kid
    i mean the couples thing? wtf
    and schniper please bring good questions to the table next time

  9. Chris says:

    Hey James I know what I fucking typed you cocksuck

  10. A.R. says:

    Nice interview, dude. Glad to know that somebody who doesn’t know a thing about music can suck his way through his job.

  11. da says:

    the willingness to lock eyes through a long pause and wait for the reptile truth of the human to come gasping out of its tailored shell for air is worth a thousand questions, haters. god forbid the interviewer should ever man the camera and leave the thinking to his audience. you people. no will, no grace.

  12. MROSOSMEE says: