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Rubi Dan & Juxci, "Bashment Funky" MP3


We were reading our friend Erin's dancehall blog out of Kingston and thinking about pizza and reggae when, gazoing, this track rather appropriately dropped in our lap in a giant flame of fire. It's theme song of sorts for the emerging bashment/funky mind-meld with the eponymous title and chorus, proffered by London's Rubi Dan of The Heatwave, and Juxci. Apparently it is on the Bop riddim which we cannot confirm, but we CAN confirm that it is binoculars and has lasers on it.

Download: Rubi Dan & Juxci, "Bashment Funky" (via Ghetto Bassquake)

Rubi Dan & Juxci, "Bashment Funky" MP3