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Cloud Nothings, "Hey Cool Kid" MP3

Cloud Nothings' love of pop sits right on their sleeve, except its dirtied by defeated rawness and muffled vocals you have to strain to hear. But you get the sentiment in the voice, the way it sounds both sad and defiant at the same time. You also know, based on the title, that it's probably an indictment against cool kids made by some uncool kids. Maybe it's a bitter high school anti-anthem, or maybe not. Remove all the caked layers of grime and you have a full blast pop song. We could've skated to this in 7th grade when it came on the radio. If this song came out in like '96, Cloud Nothings could ditch the lo-fi, tighten up a tiny bit and be the next Blink 182. But instead they're coming out now, masking their intentions and somehow still making a jam that we listened to 30 times between 1-2am last night.

Download: Cloud Nothings, "Hey Cool Kid" (via Transparent)

Cloud Nothings, "Hey Cool Kid" MP3