Kanye West, “I’m So Appalled” MP3

Praises to the most high Allah/ Praises to the most fly Prada/ Maybe I’m magic ta-da! We got into a debate the other night about Kanye’s level of annoyingness (you probably know what side we’re on) and our best rebuttal was always, “Dude’s funny.” Case in point, the verse above. According to 2dopeboyz this’ll be on Big Mike & DJ Thoro’s new Follow the Leaders 2 mixtape, which we’ll “buy” from the “mixtape store” when it comes out and jam it “in the whip” as long as there’s more entertaining stuff like this.

Download: Kanye West, “I’m So Appalled”

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  1. TJ says:

    It’s only right that he speaks honestly about what he’s been going thru. This song is true to Kanye’s brand…filled with passion and raw emotions. He’s not living his life to please us. His music is his medicine…we just happen to love it too. Check out The Brand Universe of Kanye West… http://www.brandmakernews.com/branduniverse/kanyewestbrand.php

  2. Julia says:

    Love you and u as a artist. I listen to you work because of the intensity but leave race out of it Kanye..Our nation and generation needs to move past that and has made great strident.. lets not breed hate!! Words are powerful and can resonate. Maturity pleazzeee .. PEACELOVE