Stylee Fridays: Agentur V Brings Wood Wood, Henrik Vibskov and More to NYC

November 20, 2009

Agentur V are based in Berlin so we usually only get the pleasure of riffling through their wares twice a year. Luckily the fashion agency that handles the likes of Henrik Vibskov, Wood Wood and Christian Wijnants have opened a New York outpost in SoHo and Sarah, pictured here in a lovely green Henrik V number, will be heading up the daily runnings downtown. Picking out our fantasy Agentur V shopping list has become a bit of a seasonal ritual for us. After the jump, see all the pieces we'll be scrimping euros for next spring.

1. Henrik Vibskov Spring 2010
Narrowing down our fave Vibskov pieces is always really tough, especially when there are baby sweaters with gigantic donkey skulls to choose from. As well as making a few choice items for little ones, he always throws in a brand new laptop case, covered in his latest in the season's latest pattern.

2. Minimarket Shoes
If you remember the crazy wedged booties from last season (they come in blue suede for spring 2010), you will know that Minimarket make some pretty insane shoes. The collection was aquarium inspired this time around, and the blue joints in this picture are called the "Clam" shoe.

3. Mykita collabs
We will never ever wear the slated sunglasses Romain Kremer designed for Mykita, but the fact that they take the Kanye-effect to its ultimate conclusion is pretty fascinating. Kremer is actually referencing Inuit sunnies with this piece, who have been making lens-less eye wear like this for eons.

4. Wood Wood
Wood Wood are our go-to outfittters for most things (see the prison stripe shirt for example), but recently we've been really obsessed by the work they've been doing with leather. Last season there was a buttery caramel button-down for the ladies, and this time they've out done themselves again with paperbag leather trousers.

From The Collection:

Stylee Fridays
Stylee Fridays: Agentur V Brings Wood Wood, Henrik Vibskov and More to NYC