Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “Death to Everyone” MP3

Bonnie “Prince” Billy, better known—or, at least, also known—as Will Oldham is soon releasing a bluegrass album on his longtime label Drag City. “Death to Everyone,” is not on Funtown Comedown, but is from that same milieu and is being given away as a bonus track. It also has a title that sounds like should sit better on one of the more morbid moments of his beloved Palace, but its Hasidic fiddles sound more like a Southern Bar Mitzvah. In that New Yorker article on Oldham from early this year they talked about him playing by a lake, or everyone going swimming in a lake after. Can’t remember if he jumped in, too, but this sounds like the music they must have recorded before someone plunged.

Download: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “Death to Everyone”

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