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Mark Newport and His Knitted Superheroes

Artist Mark Newport has been knitting his way through a list of his favorite superheroes for years now, from Batman to Spidey right down to good old Captain America. Apparently it all boils down to childhood memories of the ultimate man (dad), or at least that dude that every lil boy aspires to be one day, and spinning out these dreams in multicolored balls of yarn adds the all important cozy love we get from mommy. Newport has thrown a few heroes of his own creation in the series, including Sweaterman, Every-Any-No Man and Bobbleman, and the newer works pictured here even appear to have a distinctly stylish bent. The Michigan-based artist has definitely been flashing some very intricate stitch techniques lately, which makes us wonder if he's been taking pointers from Margherita Missoni. (via Is Mental).


Mark Newport and His Knitted Superheroes