Premiere: Citay, “Careful With That Hat” MP3

You know what’s better than being in a band? Being in a band with so many members that every time you hang out it feels like you just rolled through a house party. Except instead of just doing boring regular people stuff like standing around and talking and drinking warm keg beer out of SOLO cups, Citay is like, Let’s all play the same guitar solo at once and that shit will sound like the entire universe is crashing down around you. And the best part? You’re not even mad about it. “Careful With That Hat” is the new single from Citay’s upcoming Dream Get Together, listen to it, but not too hard or you’ll get caught up trying to figure out how so many people write one song together.

Download: Citay, “Careful With That Hat”

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  1. jb89149 says:

    I like it.

  2. bollocks says:


    The answer to the perplexing question is: they sit around taking turns recording themselves playing shredding solos, then they cut n paste them together, and learn each others’ solos, and each person writes an awesome harmony, and plays that, and then they play them all at once and the gods are summoned and the earth crumbles.

    Or maybe they’re all the kids who rocked at group projects in high school.

  3. Robert says:

    I believe the comment about the band being so big its like your rollin through a house party would be better fit for the legendary Wu Tang Clan