Chip Tha Ripper, The Cleveland Show Mixtape

Seth Macfarlane’s cartoon The Cleveland Show? Not that good. Chip Tha Ripper‘s mixtape called the same thing? Worth your time. Since we profiled him in FADER #54, Chip’s been relatively quiet, popping up on Kid Cudi’s debut record, and generally riding the slow-rising crest of really fun mixtape tracks that not enough people talked about. Now he’s back with a massive new tape. There’s a lot to get through here, but listening to Chip weave his way through tracks like “Whoa,” it almost doesn’t matter what he’s saying. Sure, he’s just talking about clothes but he’s having enough fun for all of us while doing it.

Download: Chip Tha Ripper, The Cleveland Show Mixtape

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  1. Natty says:

    “Real recognize real, I seen myself a couple time.”

    One time I think Julianne or Felipe asked me If I could interview anyone, who would it be? I said Chip Tha Ripper and it’s still so true! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Gixman says:

    Have you seen the Simpson-family Guy- Cleveland Show formula, Animated version

  3. jtiskrazy says:

    ur sick if u think The Cleveland Show (the actual show) isnt that good. sick.

  4. omar styles says:

    Cleveland!!!! My nigga been grinding this is beautiful to see!!!

  5. Dianne Mekus says:

    Great blog mate thanks for all the infomation defently a good read!