Arielle de Pinto Spring 2010

Arielle de Pinto’s 2010 lookbook is filled with the kind of shenanigans that old school summer vacation fantasies are made of—sneaking into hotel pools, hiking in the hills with your best friend, dressing up your dog and taking photos—only all the models are draped in copious amounts of her gorgeous crochet chainwork. The Montreal-based jewelry designer has been cranking out her incredible necklaces and body pieces from fine sterling silver and vermeil chains for a few years now, and every collection somehow manages to trump the last. Next year will bring everything from fingerless gloves to a vest, and even what appears to be a neck pouch that doubles as an iPod holder. Also, check out de Pinto’s current collaboration with Anntian, featuring necklaces, bracelets and headbands that craftily combine de Pinto’s metal work with the German label’s hand-printed fabrics and ceramics.




Arielle de Pinto Spring 2010