Interview With Lil B

Bay Area rapper Lil B (of the Pack) is arguably the internet’s savviest and most prolific rapper, amassing over one hundred MySpace pages with five to eight songs posted on each. Multiply that by a thousand and you’ve got the amount of females who’ve sent him photos of themselves with his name written on their nether-areas (or hands). Ladies Love Lil B! He’s also a terrific dude, as we discovered when we chatted with him about his singular style, his stream-of-consciousness raps, and staying overwhelmingly positive. Get familiar with the Based God.

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  1. Phitted says:

    Hes A Kool Brotha!!!

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  2. LIL B says:


  3. Sonya's son says:

    Based movement is real and it’s about being your most honest self and I’m proud to be apart of it. I think the character Cross Damon from Richard Wright’s “The Outsider” novel, would have lived a much fuller life if he had come to know the teachings of Lil B. I’m based and i follow the Based God.

  4. DBK says:

    What tha fuck…get tha fuck outta here wit yo fake wannabe god ass bitch ass bullshit. Based movement!? You tryna start religions and shyt?? First of all THA PACK SUCKS COMPLETE SWEATY ASS wit they one hit wonders that wasn’t even much of a wonder anyway. Second of all, LIL B SUCKS MONSTER DICKS in terms of lyrics and everything else even remotely musically associated wit his beyond garbage ass. Based freestyles…..purest from tha mind…unconcious…GET THA FUCK OUT. You basically described what tha hell a freestyle is, which is from tha top of your head on tha spot in a continuous form. You will never be shyt in rap, hip-hop, or anything else which requires even a smidgen of musical talent. And on top of all this you will DEFINITELY burn in hell someday for false-claimin god status and brainwashin people into thinkin this based SHIT will somehow have an impact on their lives. GO TIE BRICKS TO YOUR FEET AND HANG YOURSELF WITH A LEATHER BELT and I hope you die in the most painful way and I mean that to the fullest of my fuckin being from the deepest and darkest part of my soul. Hip-Hop is diein if you become mainstream…so much bullshyt….

  5. eaj says:

    he look so so good he he can flow and when he was younger and people used to tease him he sound like somthin wrong with him to me so them people was just ignoret lil b i love u and keep doing yo thing

  6. meka says:

    I’ve never heard of him

  7. EMILY says:

    this nigga is gay as fuck and his raps are fuckin weak ,…….what the fuck is he even talkin about all this simple ass nigga says is bitch suck my dick in every song he has ever made what the hell and on top of that this nigga is goin to hell and anybody who follows this based movement THIS NIGGA NEEDS TO GO FUCK HIS SELF WITH A FAT ASS DILDO THEN CHOKE ON THAT BITCH……DAMN DEMOND

  8. TRE-Kay says:

    Lil B is dope. @DBK why are hatin? If u believe in god and u feel dude is leadin folks astray then prey for him bra. Lil B is a truth teller, now whose truth is he tellin? I don’t know, but what i do know is that his music is fun and its entertaining.