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Secret Circuit (aka Eddie Ruscha) Mix for Lovefingers


We first became aware of the existence of a particularly sharp son of Ed Ruscha via GQ's list of most stylish men. Sandwiched in there with the likes of fancy hotelier Andre Balazs and Justin Timberlake was a very casual cool black and white photo of the father and son duo. Not fair to have two generations killing it at once—though the yin to sweet genes yang is everyone always reminds you where you came from (sorry). A quick google showed us the younger Ruscha was a music dude, but with labels that spells "exist" with an added k and "chemical" with a k instead of a c (dude really likes the letter k apparently), so we passed on further investigation. That is, until we saw him on friend to all, Cali Dewitt's blog, looking still best dressed, but less concerned with the fall of his hem than with the spiritual trance those racks of electronics were clearly inducing—check the neck vein. We looked up Secret Circuit, his new project, excited by the lack of extraneous consonants, and found it to be thoroughly cosmic. Not sure yet if "Roll" or "Spliff Builder" is a more apt song title, but that may be a drug of choice decision for you to make. Dude has got a thing for vintage sounds, krautrock keyboards and hippie handdrums, like he's writing the soundtrack to an imaginary European ’70s version of Weeds. Until we get our hands on a grip of these MP3s, we'll settle for this mix he made for Lovefingers, rightfully entitled "Deepspace Motherfuckers." No tracklist, but if you like synthesizers and plucky bass and don't like vocals, Ruscha is your righteous shaman. To the moon!

Download: Secret Circuit, Deepspace Motherfuckers Mix

Secret Circuit (aka Eddie Ruscha) Mix for Lovefingers