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Video Premiere: Lonely Galaxy, "Have a Heart"

It takes a lot of balls to throw a seven-minute single out into the world, especially when said single consists of nothing but crazily solemn church organs for the first couple minutes and begins with the line "I've been feeling pretty low, but at least I have a heart." Honestly dudes of Lonely Galaxy, what are you trying to do to us? All the good vibes in the world aren't enough to lift us up and out of the depths this song took us to—but in a good way! It is that devastating. The video which starts out with romantic night shots of people working at some sort of massive meat factory before—BAM—severed pig's head. Sorry for the spoiler on that one. But the real draw here is the song, which effortlessly captures the following feelings and/or situations: loneliness, sentimentality, and stoically drowning all our sorrows even if it means waking up Christmas morning on a pile of broken ornaments in only a Santa hat. That last part actually hasn't happened yet, but we're really hoping this is the year. If you want to feel good about feeling bummed out, throw this on your music device of choice and walk around wherever you live, it'll work.

Download: Lonely Galaxy, "Have a Heart"

Video Premiere: Lonely Galaxy, "Have a Heart"