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Todd Edwards' Fact Mag Mix

We found out that Todd Edwards is from Jersey a couple of weeks ago, which is only surprising because some of us spent the better half of our teens two-stepping to his chirpy beats in London. (Dear Toddy, if you're thinking of converting to Cockneyism anytime soon, Guy Ritchie and the rest of the UK massive will be happy to have you!). Around the same time as this epiphany, Edwards played a headlining set at downtown rave party Flashing Lights, and the hour long mix he just put together for Fact mag feels a lot like the aural happy juice we enjoyed that night, including classic back-to-2002 big tunes ("Walk Away" is a great one), and some supremely jamming newer material, like the remix he did of Kingdom's "Mindreader," featuring Shyvonne. The only thing that's missing here is "Shut the Door," quite possibly our favorite Edwards track of all time, with the kind of spiritually redemptive, sonically distorted vocals that will make you want to worship at the alter of dance music every Saturday night.

Download: Todd Edwards' Fact Mag Mix

Todd Edwards' Fact Mag Mix