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These New Puritans, "We Want War (Sbtrkt Remix)" MP3


Obviously we've had him on the brain quite a bit lately, but producer Sbtrkt's remix of British post-punk group These New Puritans' sprawling single "We Want War" is giving us some strong Zomby vibes. Then again, Zomby would mostly shy away from what makes this mix compellingly creepy, the whispered "we want war" that echos throughout the bulk of this gurgling wood-and-laser percussion beast. This is one of those things that sounds distinctly English—as though it would never materialize outside of whatever causes your teeth to be bad and give you a serious inclination to relish staying out late in warehouses doing pills. We're glad to see the precocious folks in These New Puritans continuing to cross borders but stay within the blockade of home. Nation building at its finest.

Download: These New Puritans, "We Want War (Subtrkt Remix)" (via Fact)

These New Puritans, "We Want War (Sbtrkt Remix)" MP3