Slideshow: Not Another Pet Shot

Looking through the FADER archives recently, we discovered certain recurring patterns and themes that over the years have maybe made it just a little bit easier for our amazing stable of contributing photographers to create the great pictures they do. Although it’s been said that you should never work with animals or children, we beg to disagree: pets provide the perfect prop when a photographer is desperately searching for inspiration and an intimate moment, or the light is quickly fading. Whether walking on the beach, cuddling up close or just hanging out, cats and dogs have been our photographers’ best friends when it comes to making a memorable image. Fact is, we’ve yet to discover a cat or dog who doesn’t like to have its picture taken. Perhaps a little more surprisingly, we found one cat who just prefers to put on a set of headphones and purr out. Check out “Not Another Pet Shot,” our slideshow of FADER pet photos from over the years, the sequel to the first in our FADER photo déja vu series, “Not Another Mirror Shot.”

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