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Interview With U.S.D.A.

Young Jeezy was forced to rename his clothing line 8732—the numbers used to dial U-S-D-A on a phone—after the United States Department of Agriculture didn't appreciate the shared initials of Jeezy's United Streets Dope-boys of America. The group, however, once consisting of only Jeezy, Blood Raw and the incarcerated Slick Pulla, forges on as U.S.D.A. and most recently, has picked up some new faces in Ft. Lauderdale's JW, Inglewood's 2Eleven and Mississipi's own "boss playa," Boo Rossini. While all three have been established locally for years, they've released CTE 4 Life as a reintroduction of sorts and seem more ready than ever to step out of the shadow of Jeezy. Watch above as they speak about their reception as three new faces under the U.S.D.A. brand, refining their sound together and the pressures of being regional bosses, and then download the CTE 4 Life mixtape below.

Download: U.S.D.A, CTE 4 Life mixtape (via Xclusiveszone)

Interview With U.S.D.A.