Freeload: Vivian Girls, “Lake House”

February 20, 2009

How we've managed to get up half a dozen posts mentioning Vivian Girls without actually directly posting about the band itself is a mystery we will leave to someone with more time on his hands because we are busy rectifying our oversight right now. Sorry, Girls. "Lake House," aside from being named after the best movie of 2006, comes from the latest installment of The World's Lousy With Ideas on Almost Ready and it is as good an introduction to the band as any. Not to mention it actually sounds like thrashing around in a cold ass lake. And in case you haven't heard it yet, Part Time Punks podcasted a bunch of Vivian Girls songs recorded during a recent LA show and are threatening to press the live tracks as their inaugural PTP label release. And of course you can still get their self-titled debut from In The Red. So now we're all caught up with Vivian Girls. Wait they played the Apollo last night?? What the fuck???

Download: Vivian Girls, "Lake House" (via P4k)
Download: Part Time Punks on KXLU, January 8, 2009 (“A Cup of Twee & a Dash of PTP Sessions, Peelie-Style”)

Posted: February 20, 2009
Freeload: Vivian Girls, “Lake House”