Pork: The Other White Meatpaper

April 24, 2009

Back in Issue #54, Julianne Shepherd introduced us to Meatpaper, a go-to source for meat enlightenment. We just discovered that they've finally gotten around to The Pig Issue. After missing The Brooklyn Bacon Takedown last month, we've been sensing a certain dirty pork void, but we feel a little better now knowing that there's such a thing as bacon therapy—even though it involves larvae removal (gross). Here is what Julianne originally said about Meatpaper in our NWS PRNT section:

Meat is a very American deal—the breadth of the industry, the fact that most of us evidently have no problem scarfing pre-packaged, once-frozen patties stamped out of god knows what nasty amalgam of beef parts. Yet we scoff at
French folks who eat cow brains? Meatpaper chronicles animal flesh beyond its epicurean boundaries: an essay on meat in film recasts hamhocks as Rocky’s star, a photograph by Dominic Episcopo transforms a chop into the shape of California, an interview with a meat inspector finds that FedEx keeps millions safe from salmonella. Beneath that lies the idea that carnivorous impulses stretch past instinct into socialization, even to sophistication. As a vegetarian, it’s not gonna make me eat a rib, but now I know something interesting about blood sausage.

Posted: April 24, 2009
Pork: The Other White Meatpaper