The FADER Issue 61 Free Download

May 19, 2009

For our annual ICON issue, we celebrated the work and life of David Byrne, who's burned a white-hot path through music, art, film, the internet, the world and dramatic suits for the better part of 30 years. We captured his evolution in an essay by Vivien Goldman, who was there the whole time (they even lived in the same building!), and chronicled his legacy through his artistic descendants: Grizzly Bear, Micachu, Theophilus London, the Dutty Artz crew and Michael Bell-Smith. Our psychic Byrne journey was even more fulfilled with unprecedented access to his archives and an illuminating chat with the legend himself. Plus, our regular excursions into Gen Fs and regular hotness including Salem, Erup, Nipsey Hussle, Joker, Pterodactyl and Ida Maria—and it's all available for a zero-dollar download down below! Meantime keep kicking it with us on for extra-special exclusives and outtakes... because this is never about money, always for love. Cover up and say goooodniiiggggghhhhtt!

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Posted: May 19, 2009
The FADER Issue 61 Free Download