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Freeload: Highlife, “F Kenya RIP” MP3

June 10, 2009

"My dad listens to this all the time!" says our style editor Chioma Nnadi upon hearing Sleepy Doug Shaw aka Highlife's "F Kenya RIP." (We're going with "RIP," as in "rest in peace, guitar player F Kenya," and not "rip," as in steal—though if it is the latter, "tribute" probably would work better.) So she called Papa Nnadi over in London to explore. Official Nigerian dad verdict is that it is possibly a track from Sikyi Highlife by Dr K. Gyasi and His Noble Kings, but he couldn't get the record player to work. We're calling back in a half an hour to find out the exact song.

Download: Highlife, "F Kenya RIP" (via GvsB)

Posted: June 10, 2009
Freeload: Highlife, “F Kenya RIP” MP3