Video Premiere: Warpaint, “Elephants”

January 05, 2010

What's weird about this brand new video for one of the best songs off Warpaint's debut is that while it looks like it was filmed in slow motion, we can tell you for a fact that this is what these ladies look like in real life. They're like semi-unkempt sirens with a constant facial light breeze and languorous limbs. They close their eyes a lot, too. It's disconcerting, especially when they open their eyes and you're dancing naked except for a hotel washcloth and a sheer cloak made from curtains. Avoid doing that at Warpaint's upcoming February tour dates with Yeasayer and Akron/Family, listed after the jump.

Feb 5 2010 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM w/ Yeasayer Los Angeles, California
Feb 17 2010 ARTISTIKA NIGHTCLUB w/ Akron/Family Greensboro, North Carolina
Feb 18 2010 40 WATT CLUB w/ Akron/Family Athens, Georgia
Feb 19 2010 BACKBOOTH w/ Akron/Family Orlando, Florida
Feb 20 2010 CLUB DOWNUNDER w/ Akron/Family Tallahassee, Florida
Feb 21 2010 ONE EYED JACKS w/ Akron/Family New Orleans, Louisiana
Feb 23 2010 WALTER’S ON WASHINGTON w/ Akron/Family Houston, Texas
Feb 24 2010 THE PARISH w/ Akron/Family Austin, Texas
Feb 25 2010 GRANADA THEATER w/ Akron/Family Dallas, Texas
Feb 26 2010 HI-TONE CAFE w/ Akron/Family Memphis, Tennessee
Feb 27 2010 EXIT/IN w/ Akron/Family Nashville, Tennessee
Feb 28 2010 PILOT LIGHT w/ Akron/Family Knoxville, Tennessee
Mar 3 2010 MUSIC HALL OF WILLIAMSBURG w/ Akron/Family Brooklyn, New York

Posted: January 05, 2010
Video Premiere: Warpaint, “Elephants”