Casely-Hayford’s Afropunks of Kingsland Road

Dalston in East London was pronounced the coolest place to live in Britain by Italian Vogue last year, not that you'd have to point that out to father and son duo Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford, since their latest collection is directly inspired by the neighborhood. Casely-Hayford HQ is on Kingsland Road, right at the very heart of Dalston, so it only makes sense that they christened the new collection Kings of King's Land. There's everything from English Wedgewood flourishes to Ottoman prints to African stylings for spring 2010, and this pick-a-mix of references comes together in a way that we can only describe as stylistically invigorating and damn near flawless. Casely-Hayford have put the label afropunk on it, but it's worth checking out their definition of the word in this interview on Style Salvage.




Casely-Hayford’s Afropunks of Kingsland Road