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Real Estate Live at FADER Bowl

We've been ending up at Brooklyn Bowl quite a lot lately, but never have we seen it as packed as it was the other night for the third FADER Bowl featuring Real Estate and The Babies. Holy crap we kept sweating and then being really self conscious and checking our pits to see if the sweat was there and it was always still there. Also always still there was flannel. Forever flannel. That's the name of a movie Julia Roberts was supposed to star in in 1994 but didn't. Pre-Pearl Jam band Green River was commissioned to record the soundtrack but it was never released, trumped by Paul Westerberg on the Singles soundtrack. A generation-ish later, Real Estate pays tribute to all of this with their track "Green River," which they performed last night with twinkle tones and strong jaws. If New Jersey is the new Seattle then when they play in Brooklyn does that mean they went over to Portland?

Real Estate Live at FADER Bowl