Solid Gold, “Matter of Time (Tanlines Remix)” MP3

The original Solid Gold version of this is all slow melancholy teen movie soundtrack. It’s perfect for that moment when the dude realizes that he brought the wrong girl to the dance (mean, popular) and that the girl of his dreams (nice, unpopular) could be out there on the dance floor finding her future husband. Tanlines‘ version turns that idea on its head and is like, Whatever let’s just have fun and dance to sad music. Which is probably what happened the first time everyone heard The Cure and were like AM I SUPPOSED TO DANCE OR CRY TO THIS AND IS IT POSSIBLE TO DO BOTH?

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  1. Jheri says:

    Here’s another good Solid Gold track remixed by White Sea.
    So good.

  2. Jon says:

    ^The man’s right. This is a good remix, but the one on Get Off The Coast is better.