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Slideshow: Not Another Window Shot

FADER photographers have a tough task: They are asked to return from each assignment with imagery that satisfies an almost impossible brief, to do so with a unique eye and to compelling ends. Conditions are not always favorable nor subjects always compliant. While looking through the archives we've noticed that there are a few repeating motifs our photographers have relied on over the years to get them out of those tricky situations when nothing else seems to be working and they risk coming back emptyhanded. One of the patterns we've recognized is that windows draw our photographers to the light like moths to a lamp. Whether the subjects gaze out moodily, play with the blinds or simply sit backlit, this source of natural light has been the saviour of many a FADER shoot. Here in slideshow form we present some of those shots that show just exactly where the light crept in.

Slideshow: Not Another Window Shot