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Video: Pixeltan, "Yamerarena-i"

Before the late 2009 release of Pixeltan's "Yamerarena-i" 12-inch, the world had gone more than five painful years without tweaked, beasty disco shrieking. "Get Up," from that previous 12-inch on DFA, featured the enormous drumming of former Black Dice and current Soft Circle maven Hisham Bharoocha and the panicked squeal of Mika Yoneta. "Yamerarena-i" is similarly in the clouds, if the clouds were made of ghost sweat and chunky riffs. There's something that makes them not disco—not the yelling, and not the great chug forward—but more a spiritual decision to groove at a medium pace. Not just the speed of the song, but in the generally blazed way that happy stoners cooperate with the earth. "Yamerarena-i" is a funky gem with a (Scion-backed?) animated video by Pixeltan bassist Devin Flynn. Don't call it a comeback.

Video: Pixeltan, "Yamerarena-i"