Manara, Miracles Mixtape MP3

January 20, 2010

We speak on Bok Bok enough in this office that "bok bok" has become an unofficial in-house verb (definition: flexible, usually said whilst mocking some of us for our arcane taste in dance music). But Bok Bok's DJ partner-in-crime/ Night Slugs queen bee Manara is creeping up on him with the verbal airtime and her killer UK funky/syncopated party-bass estilo. She's playing with fellow dancefloor ruler Ikonika (shout to all our chicas running it in the DJ booths) in Malmo for Discobelle's SMUTS party, so she threw together this mixtape of impeccably selected dance jams to promo it. "Threw together" meaning she KICKS IT OFF WITH A UK FUNKY MIX OF "COLD HEARTED SNAKE" by PAULA ABDUL. Why aren't we in Sweden tonight? Can someone teleport us? Thanks. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Manara, Miracles Mixtape (via Discobelle)

Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted (Dubstramental)

Roska- Gone to a Better Place

Aero Manyelo – My 8 Kids

Aaron Carl – Oasis (Nick Holder Vocal Dub)

DJ Gregory – Klappa

DJ Gazzeto – Cruel 22

Shaun-D – Spanish Fly (Kingdom remix)

Ikonika – Brown Acid remix


Dj Deeon – Freak like Me (Brenmar mix)

Manara, Miracles Mixtape MP3