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Miike Snow, "Silvia (Sinden Remix)" MP3

Last year, Sinden and his sometime production partner the Count quietly (at least in the US) made one of the best songs of the year in "Mega," the video for which you can watch in our recent interview with Sinden himself. We played that song pretty much every time someone asked us to play music in public last year, so we're obviously psyched to have something new from Sinden to play in 2010. The original "Silvia" (video after the jump) was a little soft batch for our tastes, but this remix barely resembles it, taking only the name and launching it into UK funky house cyberspace with a final minute that is going to get the softer parts of our bodies jiggling something terrible over the next few months. And then they will become firm and no more jiggle. Aaaaaand pause. For real though, this one is not nearly as obvious as "Mega" but will be just as major in the club. To find out, go see Sinden guest at New York's Trouble & Bass on February 10th.

Download: Miike Snow, "Silvia (Sinden Remix)"

Miike Snow, "Silvia (Sinden Remix)" MP3