Stream the First Leak from Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Soundtrack

NERD BONER ALERT: Titled “Fragile” according to Daft Punk fansite Daftworld, this is what we’ve been waiting to hear for the nearly two years since finding out about the duo’s collaboration with Tron Legacy directory Joseph Kosinski. MTV caught up with Kosinski, who not only talks about his first meeting with Daft Punk at a familiar diner in Los Angeles but spills the beans on all kinds of Tron info like the 3-D technology, IMAX, plans for sequels and, of course, Jeff Bridges. Listen to “Fragile” below and stay tuned for confirmation because the world has been fooled before.

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  1. sofie says:

    so how sure are we this is a real one? because if so, i think i’m a bit underwhelmed…

  2. soymalau says:

    This is not the new daft punk. This track has been exchanged on P2P networks, forums & blogs since last september.

    Check your infos.

  3. Simon F says:

    Whoever made this pretending to be daft punk, has failed at life. Your harmonies are really bad, and the overall mixdown is shocking. Find a large building, make your way to a window on the 15th floor, and throw yourself out of it.

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  5. Thomas says:

    @soymalu: are you sure?

  6. James says:

    Homework fans initially complained about Discovery, Discovery fans still complain about Human After All and people prematurely complaining about this new jam probably only became Daft Punk fans after their body-rocking tour 2008 tour and should therefore just pipe down. Besides, this is a soundtrack, not a new album—listen to Thomas Bangalter’s score for Irreversible to get a sense of what the DP duo might be up to.

  7. IMPORTANT says:


    It IS a fake.

    There’s not the slightest trace of this very bad track on Daft Punk’s or Disney’s official websites. Check by yourself :

    Don’t believe everything fanboys say, moreover, “Daftworld” is known for posting various fakes on French Touch Forum and his blog.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for Tron Legacy in 3D and its real Daft Punk soundtrack.

    Have a good day.

  8. jhgjhg says:

    fake !

  9. daftworld says:

    THOMAS BANGALTER confirms: Fragile is not from Daft Punk, is not from Tron Legacy

  10. Emo says:

    I didn’t quite get it :(

  11. steamed2000 says:

    Hello everybody !

    Really cool Boot Edit of Daft Punk’s supposed title “Prestige” for the movie Tron Legacy by The Cruzaders !
    Groovy & Clubby :-)

    Enjoy! :-)

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    Free Download Link: Punk (Tron OST TBC) – Prestige (The Cruzaders 2009 boot edit).mp3

  12. I hope Tron Legacy beats out Yogi Bear this winter. They both are getting released the same weekend, and we all know that movies aimed at children usually win by a lot. Oh well we will have to see!