Everything Nicholas Felton Did With Other People in 2009

For a year, every time he had a “meaningful encounter” with another person, regardless of his relationship to them, Nicholas Felton asked that person to complete a survey about their interaction. From these 560 surveys, Felton boiled down his everyday into chompable bits of life. His average encounter length was four hours, he was in 15 different cars, ate at 111 New York restaurants. Out of 300 distinctly reported moods, only eight were negative and he was most usually described as “happy.” As Felton is a designer, often of charts, with a very keen eye for minute detail, he’s graphed and annotated all of the responses, creating a very specific annual report of his life in 2009. On his website, you can view all of his charts and order a print edition of the report.

POSTED January 26, 2010 4:10PM IN ART+CULTURE NEWS




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