Kingdom FABRICLIVE/Fool’s Gold Promo Mix

January 26, 2010

The first time we ever saw Kingdom DJ was maybe four years ago at a party at some HIGHLY dubious Williamsburg makeshift warehouse/unfinished room, where we were semi-convinced we were going to contract an airborne disease. Something esoteric, like mold poisoning. Kingdom was great and DJing rap, if we recall, and someone was playing an amazing animated GIF of Remy Ma in what looked like the "Buffalo Stance" video on a pretty busted television screen. He was our friend's friend and our roommate got sloppy but we deleted the photos. Fast forward to now. Kingdom is basically running New York, producing some of our favorite songs, DJing terrific sets all over the world and has since upgraded to legendary London megaclub FABRIC this February 5th, as part of the Fool's Gold night (also celebrating his long awaited Mind Reader EP, out a few days before that). To celebrate everything, he put together this promo mix showcasing everything we've come to expect from his live sets: the warmest selections of UK funky, clacking syncopated bass and his own mind-melting, well put together beats. It's stuff so good it will certainly never be played in squalor again (unless it is us playing it off our iPods in our apartment). Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Kingdom's FABRICLIVE/Fool's Gold Promo Mix (Soundcloud)

1. Choice - Acid Eiffel

02. Cooly G - Weekend Fly

03. Roska - The Sheppard

04. Mosca - Square One (Kingdom Edit ft. Willie Carter)

05. Kingdom - Bust Broke

06. Shaun-D - Spanish Fly (Kingdom Remix)

07. Mike Q - I Am Legend

08. Kanji Kinetic - Thrill Seeker (Kingdom Remix)

09. Dj Toño - Nanue

10. Bok Bok - Citizens Dub ft. Bubbz

11. Untold - Don't Know. Don't Care.

12. Bionics vs. Slimzee - The Capsule

13. Kingdom - You

14. Kingdom - Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (Todd Edwards Remix)

15. Kingdom - Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (Todd Edwards Dub)

Kingdom FABRICLIVE/Fool’s Gold Promo Mix