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Yelawolf f. Prince Cy-Hi and Pill, "I Wish" MP3 (Remix)


Although he's been around for a minute, Yelawolf seems to be finding his footing only now. The original version of "I Wish" was a pretty good example of that. Over vintage organ stabs that sounded like they came from Roc-a-fella in its prime, Raekwon gives 'Wolf a cosign, which he wisely keeps on this version featuring Prince Cy-Hi and Pill. It's a satisfying remix in the classic sense, with a new line from Yelawolf to go with the other dudes, but unfortunately Yelawolf omitted his best lyric yet: Confederate flags, I see ya/ On a truck with the windows down/ Why's he playing Beanie Sigel?/ Because his daddy was a dope man/ Lynyrd Skynyrd didn't talk about moving keys of coke man.... Even without that fire, the remix stands up nicely to the original, and the rest of his recent catalog.

Download: Yelawolf f. Prince Cy-Hi and Pill, "I Wish" (Remix)

Posted: January 26, 2010
Yelawolf f. Prince Cy-Hi and Pill, "I Wish" MP3 (Remix)