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Listen to The Knife's New Album Tomorrow In A Year

The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson kept everyone engaged with the Swedish duo last year with her Fever Ray solo album, but still somehow it didn't seem enough. So when we first heard about The Knife's new project, the music for a futuristic-looking opera (we don't go operas that much), obviously it was welcome news. That project is now streaming on, but as you may have guessed, it is no Silent Shout. It is actually no nothing because none of it is nearly as accessible as the first everyone heard, "Colouring of Pidgeons," which wasn't all that accessible to begin with. The final four songs—"Colouring," "Seeds," the title track, "The Height of Summer"—are for those who were expecting actual songs, but that's it. Still, it points toward a very interesting future for The Knife's next albums, so even if you don't get down with minimalist electronic experiments and abstract librettos, at least you know they're not going to stop challenging us. Read more about Tomorrow in a Year at Rabid Records.

Listen to The Knife's New Album Tomorrow In A Year