Twist It!, “Funky Monkey (Max Le Daron’s UK Funky RMX)” MP3

A Belgian dude remixed another Belgian dude‘s track into sparse UK funky, paring down its B-more inclinations and streamlining its wild echoes into a stuttering night jam. We have to admit, though, we were initially drawn to this because we are completists about dance music featuring samples of animals. We’ve collected several toads and some buzzards, but this is our first monkey track. It is also the first track where the animal sample was used in lieu of a singer. Are mammal songs the new vocal divas? We can only hope.

Download: Twist It!, “Funky Monkey (Max Le Daron’s UK Funky RMX)” (via Antidomingo)

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  1. yep, hail to the Belgian dudes!
    but your first monkey track? check this out:

  2. Overthrow says:

    This song combines 3 Fader obsessions: R Kelly, Fabo, and monkey sounds: