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Psychobuildings, "Birds of Prey" MP3

We debate a lot around here about many things—what's the best flightless bird, who was the best vice president, is waka flocka serious—but one frequently recurring topic is what's going to come after the lo-fi rock movement flames out. One answer has been the small group of New York bands making slacky, sloppy music that's jammed with tight melody and usually including synths and MPCs. It's a small group actually but Small Black and Brahms are in it, among others, and now Psychobuildings can be added. RCRD LBL put up "Paradise" earlier and we've got "Birds of Prey." This, according to the band, is all that exists in reality at the moment and will be out on an All Hands Electric 7" shortly, but look out for more music and their first shows soon.


Psychobuildings, "Birds of Prey" MP3