Mister Mort Gets First Dibs on New Levi’s x Opening Ceremony Cord

Mister Mort usually takes pictures of impeccably dressed older gentlemen for his style blog, with the odd young dude or hot girl thrown in if he’s feeling particularly inspired. And although he might snap a quick pic of his own wardrobe from time to time, generally speaking, MM stays out of the picture. Today though, he’s posted an image of himself dressed in the new Levi’s x Opening Ceremony three-piece corduroy suit, partly because of an unintentional tweet-leak last week, but mostly because nobody on this Earth could pull off a magnificent mono-color, mono-material look quite the same way as he can. Also, if jeans and a denim jacket is a Texan tuxedo, what’s the correct term for head-to-toe cord? Wes anderson would probably have something to say about this.

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  1. Trill Booty says:

    I thought that head to toe denim ensemble was a ‘Canadian Tuxedo,’ no? Maybe that’s just because I’m from Texas….