New Angolan Kuduro from Agre G, Os Vagabanda and Game Wala

The last we heard from Os Vagabanda, they were blowing minds with “Successo” in a Ghetto Palms/Akwaaba special edition podcast. The last we heard of Agre G was “Piké Piké” a couple weeks ago. And the last we heard from The Game Wala was never. So it seemed an appropriate time to check in on the latest backbreakers from Angola, and we found a ton. After the jump are the official brand new video for “Piké Piké”; two more recent jams from Os Vagabanda, including “Tarefa,” produced by DJ Patrick, who also did “Piké Piké”; and two from The Game Wala, who sounds kind of like Slim from 112 only more awesome (make sure to check the live teen show performance at the bottom).

Agre G f. DJ Patrick, “Piké Piké”

Os Vagabanda f. DJ Patrick, “Tarefa”

Big Nelo f. Vagabanda, ” Surra ”

The Game Wala, “The Game é Karga”

The Game Wala, “Kassamuna” (Live on Bounce Angola)

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  1. comehomenow says:

    Yes, keep the Kuduro coming!

  2. SVaye says:

    Cool Site man I love the music. The joint called “The Game é Karga” was hot. Somebody needs to holla at your boy The Game Wala though. Those pants he wore on theTV show. That symbol symbolizes the slavery of black people in southern USA. In fact, the lynchers still use that logo. Tell him to get educated.