Video: Wiley f. Emeli Sande, “Never Be Your Woman”

Admittedly, when our friend Catchdini told us last week that Wiley had redone a version of White Town’s “Never Be Your Woman” (a welcome staple in Catch’s ’90s sets), our first reaction was: Blaaaaaarrrgh. Cause like… What’s the point? We’ve been feeling apprehensive of some of Wiley’s poppier tracks as of late. Perhaps we had too much hater juice that day though, because now that we’re giving it a chance, it is in fact the best hip-house track we’ve heard since the ’90s. Emeli Sande’s voice is exactly the right shade of sultry and resigned, and Wiley’s dropping honest rhymes about being a man-ho and how it totally bums him out but there’s nothing he’s really doing about it. Such a classic genre and yet still feels so fresh. And def. Ha. (via Discobelle)

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