The Radio Dept, “Heaven’s on Fire” MP3

The Radio Dept is one of the great unsung Swedish rock bands from the last several years. Over in Gothenburg a couple years ago for the Tough Alliance cover story, we asked everyone for recommendations and this band was unanimously given the green light. Their album’s Lesser Matters and Pet Grief are both insanely great pieces of soft pop, so if you like Air France, JJ et al, you’ll like this. “Heaven’s on Fire” is from the band’s new album, Clinging to a Scheme, which was originally rumored for release in 2008, but is now officially coming April 21st on Labrador. It starts with a rebellious manifesto taken from Thurston Moore, is like the “Young Folks” for these less exuberant days and has a piano melody that sounds like a ’90s rap sample and is driving us crazy. Please help us keep our sanity in the comments section and buy this album when it comes out.

Download: The Radio Dept, “Heaven’s on Fire”

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  1. brentabousko says:

    i liked their songs from the marie antoinette soundtrack

  2. jcoffin says:

    Anyone who does not like this band cannot be in my gang. It’s a soft rock gang.

  3. Yashadosh says:


  4. Sean says:

    Very nice tune. I’ll keep an eye out. Would love to buy more music like this!

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