Lizzie Owens’ Debut Menswear Collection Highland

Lizzie Owens is best known for costuming the likes of MGMT, Chairlift, and Brandon Flowers from The Killers in truly surreal creations. She seems intent on imagining and outfitting the world in her psychedelic vision: Neon striped coverall body suits with corresponding tassels, full-on viking armor (complete with horned helmet), and furry roadkill-seeming wolf costumes are typical. It actually turns out, though, that her creative brain is split right down the middle. She’s taken a break from winged bodysuits to debut a menswear collection, Highland that is simple, rugged menswear, the kind of clothes that would look good on anyone. Aside from a few flashes of wild color, it’s as sensible as clothes can be, perfect denim button downs and tough canvas-brown parkas. Honestly, Lizzie, thank you for this wearable detour, because these works will go far better with our wardrobe than your insane set of feathered, fire-engine red football pads. More images after the jump.

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