Video: Rihanna, “Rude Boy”

Rihanna’s riding the rude boy angle by turning this into a throwback dancehall video-slash-M.I.A.’s entire steez down to the little hat. We would really love it if she would just go full dancehall queen. Our friend in Kingston just told us the new style is to cut slits in all your clothes, and last weekend saw a dancehall queen who cut a slit exactly “where spandex meets pum pum.” How rad would it be if Rihanna went full Rainbow/Mandee, wore only outfits that were like 62% poly-cotton AT MINIMUM, and sliced holes in everything? We would definitely like her better than this faux rebel Alexander Wang shit. That said: still fux with this video cause it looks cool. Sorry M.I.A…. and Santigold.

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  1. Rugged Sole says:

    I want to see Rihanna go back to her West Indian roots. I guess this is the closest we’ll get.

  2. Safs says:

    As a fan of POP art I thought the video “well done!” Keith Haring, Warhol infusions mixed with “M.I.A.’s entire steez” (as you put it) = trendy vision. BUT with that said I immediately thought of Solange’s “I decided video” after the first 10 secs of “Rude Boy” and interestingly enough both videos share a director who calls this POP Art + M.I.A’s entire steez her stamp. So you see don’t blame Rihanna for her “faux rebel Alexander Wang shit”. She probably said something like “Well the song is ‘Rude boy’ so obviously its Caribbean so I want the video to be Caribbean-esque” and her team jumped right into doing what they do best taking inspiration from artists, designers and musicians that are all individually original (and maybe not SUPER famous) to push Rihanna to the top of a pedastal thats already too high.

    @ Rugged Sole – The only thing West Indian about that video his her very weak attempt of a “boggle” and her booty popping and dropping.

  3. strizzy88 says:

    the vision is already used, nothing new or recreated:

    btw, since we are on a dancehall subject, here is Mad 2 Di Ting vol 3 featuring (Boops, Rooftop, DNA RIDDIMS)

  4. Bryan says:

    this song needs Vybz

  5. dirt says:

    steeze jockin hard

  6. G says:

    methinks one video doesn’t necessarily constitute the jocking of an”entire steez.” m.i.a. aesthetic didn’t come out of nowhere. She’s not the only one who’s ever been to jamaica or has seen the connection between pixel art and 90s jungle prints. Those connections had been in the air for awhile and are still. (my grandmother has like 10 of those jewel caps from when i was 10.) I’m not saying Rhi isn’t decidedly late on this tip. Let’s not forgot that of the 3 women mentioned, Rhi’s the only with dancehall blood. As for calling Rhi’s style “faux” I’m not really sure what that’s based on. Is it because she’s changed since she first came out? Isn’t that what ppl do? From what aesthetic stance would she have to have come for her style to be seen as credible? Is she always going to be a poser unless she looks stereotypically Bajan or dresses like she did when she was 17 forever?

  7. G says:

    also don’t forget the ebony bones jewelry at 3:10

  8. ace malone says:

    I think this video shows how influential mad decent is . . . the video tries to capture the jamaican dancehall vibe, but since the track is -at heart- an average r&b club banger it fails to do so with a sense of authenticity

  9. …and the janelle monae hair poof at..well, the whole video…

  10. Emmett says:

    I guess whether or not you like it depends on whether you think it’s “biting” or a tribute to the styles used….i don’t mind it, personally.
    also note the Basquiat crown effect at 2:23. pop art nerdery.

  11. bzzt says:

    i think its funny and sad that white people have so fully co-opted black culture, that when a west indian does something like this, she is “biting” non black artists who have blatantly stolen cultural aesthetics.

    white people are so very confused…

    btw mad decent is just a musical safari for trendy white kids. y’all think diplo is cool for precisely this reason.

  12. Gary Rivera says:

    Yeah Rhianna is biting and Bo Derek made it cool for black women to braid their hair in the 70′s……

  13. Edwon says:

    Woah guys, at what point did this become a white people black people thing?

  14. mellowyel says:

    The problem isn’t that she’s jacking someone’s style, but that aesthetics that have been around for decades in the non-mainstream arena are being used to make Rihanna seem “edgy” and “different”, when she really isn’t. she waits for everyone to get on the pop art bandwagon before bringing out a pop art video. it’s a strategic marketing strategy and not a burst of inspiration or innovation or originality. and that’s obvious because the video screams “pushing boundaries” but the song is nothing to write home about, except for maybe the steel-pan vibe in the back.

    it would be awesome if she went full out dancehall queen, but for me, i’d love to see her just be like “i don’t give a shit, i’mma do a video in a potato sack.” she’d probably look hot doing it too.

  15. taunia says:

    I have been waiting for rihanna to do some west indian music for a very long time. But like someone said that’s the closest we might get, i’m not a fan of rihanna. I think she’s trying way tooo hard to be seen as sexy, but i do love the beat for the sound. I can imagine that in the club and doing some serious west indian grinding to it.

  16. reeses says:

    “Our friend in Kingston just told us the new style is to cut slits in all your clothes, and last weekend saw a dancehall queen who cut a slit exactly ‘where spandex meets pum pum.’”

    if uve ever seen a jamaican (or any other west indian for that matter) in their element u’d know that slitting up ur clothes is not new because it never went out of style. :)

    rihanna has grown on me slowly like a little rash, but i must say i really enjoyed the video. she finally learned how to buss a wine…so bless her. xx

  17. David says:

    She’s not M.I.A. and not as cool as her. She should go on doin’ that Pop stuff.

  18. jade says:

    hiya i lv yh song there so cool and rude boyy is so cool i lv it keep up the good work lv ya xx lol

  19. jade says:

    hiya i wish i saw you in real life vi lv u and justin bieber hahaha xx

  20. jade says:

    i so like rianna songs there so wicked i so lv yh i wish i was your freind you are so lucky

  21. keke pooh says:

    i luv the rihanna songs…but i cant se the video on this site

  22. Soccer Chick says:

    haha I completely love Justiin