Stylee Fridays: Erro Fall 2010

February 12, 2010

Anna Larson used a beat-up vintage leather jacket as the starting point of her latest collection, dismantling the whole thing and building an entire collection around the idea of disassembled layers. As any thrifting enthusiast knows, perfectly fitting black leather jackets (the shrunken kind) are like sartorial gold dust, so the fact that she sacrificed this piece for Erro fall 2010 is pretty symbolic. If you're familiar with FADER style posts, then you'll know our coverage tends to err on the side of color—somehow though, Larson always makes the best case for black, reeling us in for the second time with her gorgeous noir closet.

The beauty here is most certainly in the texture and the craftmanship. Last season, Larson played with the idea of sun-bleaching, creating a whole new color spectrum within the darkness. This time, the Swedish designer gets to work on her base materials, layering up leather with shearling, cobwebby loose silhouettes against skintight pants. "I see the idea of detachment, of taking something apart and using pieces in unexpected ways, as anoher exploration of the beauty of imperfection," she explains. With gorgeous Panther-like ensembles like these, Larson continues to show us that there's plenty of light in the shadows.

From The Collection:

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Stylee Fridays: Erro Fall 2010