Where In The World Is Freddie Gibbs

When we asked Freddie Gibbs what he’d like to be standing in front of for this installment of Where in the World Is, if he could stand in front of anything (and not in our conference room), he said, “Put me in front of some pictures of weed smoke and shit.” We took his suggestion and went a little wild, putting him in front of some of the images that we tend to appreciate more while under the influence of said substance (if we did that kind of stuff).  Where in the world is Freddie Gibbs?  We can’t really tell you, but it’s a sick freestyle over Big L’s “Flamboyant,” a timely tribute to Harlem’s finest a couple days after the tenth anniversary of his passing.

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  1. Chris Franco says:

    FADER – I really like this whole “Where In The World” concept. Not only is Freddie Gibbs my new favorite rapper (and has been since I heard him rap for the first time) but watching him perform one of my favorite mixtape cuts while photos of dolphins and other lovable animals are in the background is HILARIOUS/GENIUS/FRESH.

    I had the chance to interview Freddie earlier in the year. I’ve attached a link to one of the more memorable portions of the interview.

    Keep doing your thing, FADER! We support you on Hiptics.com!

  2. realness says:

    this is both amazing and hilarious at the same time. wow. sensory overload of incredibleness!

  3. don corleone says:

    “Put me in front of some pictures of weed smoke and shit.”

    and thats what yall do? yall are some lame ass mufuckas… if i was gibbs i would slap the shit out of whoever made this faggot ass corny shit….how is this supose to be funny….u do a tribute for big l and u FUCKED THAT SHIT UP FADER congratulations yall are officially homos! ……how could u do gibbs and that beat like that? thats fuck up joe

  4. don corleone says:

    get the fuck out of hre wit ur dolphins and got milk bullshit…yall got the whole internet and yall decide to pick the most gay pictures u can find?

  5. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd says:

    Ooooh, girrrrrl, you got your panties all in a TIZZY! Your homophobic vibes are bringing mami DOWN. Are you on your period, baby?

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