You Must Download Filastine’s New Mix for Dutty Artz

Ayyy mama, this mix is MAJOR. Barcelona’s Filastine flipped this podcast for our friends over at Dutty Artz after a year-long world tour that is better described as an expedition, and it fully reflects his globetrotting. With a tracklist that includes Cuban rap, reggaeton, completely off-the-charts-crazy dubstep, vintage Bollywood songs, banda-brass-section-augmented drum & bass, Slavoj Zizek samples and “Carl Sagan dubbed into Castilian Spanish,” it’s impossible to know what is going on inside dude’s brain but it’s obviously so good it hurts. Also, we swiped the above pic from Filastine’s MySpace and he had captioned it “dawn descent from many drugs, Autonomous Mutant Festival.” The photo album was called “misc glamour shots.” This dude gets it all the way the hell down. After having to google half the stuff on here, we are honestly humbled. Tracklist after the jump (worth checking out even if you don’t download it… but if you don’t download it, we might have to break up with you).

Download: Filastine’s Dutty Artz Podcast

Infernal Noise Brigade- live in Mexico at street protest
Jazzsteppa- ??
Filastine/Cardopusher – Discontinuities (Singularities remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Fnaire- Lalla Mennana
Filastine/Jahcoozi- Opium Den (Desordenador remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Beats Antique- Oriental Uno (feat. Fanafara Kalashikov)
Oro 11- El Cangrejo
Arena & Etian acapella- Voces RebeldesXXXXX
Filastine/Ill Gates- Pharma Sutra (Fitnah remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Filastine/Maga Bo- Batalha Cotidiana (B’talla remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Chancha Via Circuito- Calzada
Foxdye- Foxdyechek Collision
Frikstailers- Sudaka Invasor
Tego Calderon- Diento de Oro cameo
Sonik Omi- Ye Jawani Hai Mera Jaan
Simbad- Airport Beat 1008
Modeselektor feat. Matt Shadetek- Beirut
Amir Sulaiman- Danger
Sunship feat. Warrior Queen/ Sinden(remix)- Quits
Filastine/Deep Throat X- Con Las Manos En La Masa (remix, from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Madera Limpia- La Lenta (Schlachthofbronx remix)
Bassnectar- Cozza Frenzy
Venetian Snares- Sabbath Dubs
Kray Twinz feat. Twista- What We Do
Suckafish P. Jones- Caribbean Nightmare Agent
Dubchild- Can’t Keep Me Down
Caving- Slimthug
Dog Murras (feat. Propria Lixa)- Vai Levar Galheta
Brasil 96- Batucada
Lightning Bolt- On Fire
Rhythm Collision featuring- Indian Street Music #3 / Sein Sah Thin / Tabuh Winangun Marga / Venetian Snares / Filastine / Drumcorps
Filastine- Como Fugitivos (instrumental version)

with words lifted from:
UK newscasters
Carl Sagan dubbed into castilian spanish
ANC Radio Freedom Broadcast, South Africa, 1969
a US Military Commander
Waking Life
The Century of Self
Spectres of the Spectrum
Slavoj Zizek
and more sources of lost origin

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  1. joshua says:

    I wish y’all would write about Filastine’s background more. I used to listen to Tchkung! and Infernal Noise Brigade when feeling like crap about the entire world and the monster of capitalism. Those videos of fire and post-show riots from Tchkung! shows would blow my mind. And Infernal Noise Brigade helped start a trend of brass and/or drum bands at protests that helped make them more beautiful.