Video Premiere: DJ Donna Summer, “Raw”

Man, Times Square used to be so much cooler. Well, maybe it wasn’t cooler if you were that punk dude nodding off, or that rollerskater (!) who gets hit by a car, but we would rather hang out than any of the people in this video than like 400% of Times Square now. When we worked in Times Square in 2007 our best friend was that giant Jay-Z Rocawear billboard above MTV. When your best friend is a billboard of a famous rapper… it’s really sad. DJ Donna Summer not only realizes that the mustachio’d bodybuilders of yore are the salt of the earth, he synched them to a sampler of his awesome Raw EP (forthcoming March 2 on Nightshifters) with vaguely creeping funk lilt, conjuring the salacious grit of the olden days (1980s) through the lens of futurist bass. Also, there is a naked chick in this video around two minutes in, so you should stop before then if you are at work, a public library, or any sort of institution that does not condone stripping.

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  2. Anthony says:

    I would like to make a comment. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. And this is coming from Beijing China where there are firework mortars exploding outside my window. Thank you Fader staff for bringing this ray of light into my life. =)