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Bill Callahan, "Bowery (Live)" MP3

Last summer, just before he performed, someone introduced us to Bill Callahan and it was terrifying. It's impossible to make small talk with the man who made A River Ain't Too Much to Love. "Nice to meet you, thanks for making the single most important piece of recorded music in the history of instruments and voices." Not to mention "I Break Horses", "Our Anniversary" and "Too Many Birds." Or "Dress Sexy at My Funeral" or "Bathysphere" or "Sycamore" or that one time we sat across the aisle from Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson while Callahan played with Joanna Newsom and Jim White at a FADER party. That was a now we die happy moment, as have been all of our experiences with him live. Thankfully, Drag City is issuing a (vinyl and digital only) album of live moments across his career. "Bowery" is a track from the "Rock Bottom Riser" single. Five of the 11 tracks on the album, Rough Travel for a Rare Thing, are from River, so we're pretty pumped.

Download: Bill Callahan, "Bowery (Live)" (via MBV)

Bill Callahan, "Bowery (Live)" MP3