Balam Acab, “See Birds” MP3

For all we know, this band could have been lurking around in the depths of dub’s inner circle—the secret influencers of dubstep as an entire genre. But they’re newer than that, so “See Birds” works as a summation of what’s going on right now: Salem melding goth with everything, mysterious white guys hiding in their rooms and creating ominous club music surrounded by stale weedsmoke and a million moldy records we’ve never heard. We could also see Balam Acab putting out a couple songs and then falling off the map forever, so download “See Birds” below and go to their MySpace to hear more in case that happens.

Download: Balam Acab, “See Birds” (via 20jfg)

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  1. bebo talk says:

    haunted house dubstep is the best genre ever

  2. JUNKOID says:

    ghost ghosts ghostzzz!

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  4. Wyllowdaemon says:

    like where the f do you even buy this shiat…I like it and cannot find it anywhere.